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Escrow Vault

Design and build compliant, API-driven escrow payment flows, with all funds moving through Zai accounts, keeping your platform at arms length.

Give your customers complete confidence to transact on your platform, and with other users.

Cappucino Compliant Escrow

Build trust and safety
between your customers

Customer peace
of mind

Take the uncertainty out of small and large transactions with Zai's secure and compliant escrow functionality.

As a neutral third party, Zai collects, holds and releases funds based on their satisfaction.

Customer peace of mindSecure payment

Avoid regulatory headaches

Zai is one of the very few companies in the world with an Internet Escrow License from DBO California.

All payments between customers pass through Zai's accounts, minimizing your compliance burden.

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Avoid headachesEscrow Compliant

Full workflow control

Retain full control of the workflow, fee structure and payout schedule.

With everything online, no need for traditional forms, and the ability to fully white-label the experience, it’s the easiest escrow solution available.

Workflow Controlborder

How it works


Customer makes payment


Funds are held in escrow in Zai trust account


Both parties agree and the funds are released


Your platform receives fee

Merchant receives agreed amount

Powerful features

  • A star
    Build trust, safety, and confidence between customers
  • payment
    Accept credit cards, direct debit/ACH, bank transfers, and international wires
  • Linked
    Create milestone payments with linked deliverables
  • safe
    Hold funds in escrow for as long as needed
  • Meeting
    Customers can negotiate while funds are held in escrow
  • card update
    Refund capability should your customers change their mind

Build trust betweenyour customers

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