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Fraud protection

While funds are held in escrow, use Zai's credit card fraud and chargeback protection to shield your business from fraudsters before they harm your bottom line.

Let Zai's advanced technology and expert team take on the operational headaches and expenses for you.

Fraud Defence

Shield your business
from credit card fraud

Keep costs down

Avoid the difficulty and expense of staffing, training and maintaining an in-house fraud team.

Now you can fully outsource your credit card related anti-fraud efforts to one of the industry’s most experienced and effective teams.

In store Payments

Protect your bottom line

We help your business  detect and prevent traditional and emerging threats, merchant fraud, and crime rings.

Organised to thwart even the most organised attacks, Zai's anti-fraud team offers world class protection.

Protect your businessprotect card

Reduce fraudulent chargebacks

Approximately 86% of all credit card chargebacks are the result of illegal activity and can cost you around 1.4% of your total transaction volume.

While funds are held in escrow, Zai offers absolute protection, providing full indemnity against fraudulent chargeback liabilities.

No more chargebacks

How it works


Basic Plan

Basic fraud protection provides the standard defence against known fraudulent transactions and malicious actors. You remain responsible for investigating chargebacks and bearing the costs involved.

  • KYC, AML and sanctions monitoring

  • Enhanced due diligence for sellers

  • Basic fraud detection rules


Plus Plan

Increase your resilience to fraud with improved rule-set based filtering, merchant and buyer ID verification, and chargeback investigations conducted on your behalf while funds are held in escrow.

  • All Basic features

  • Rules specific to your industry and geography

  • Suspicious buyer verifications

  • Chargeback investigation management


Premium Plan

Get all the benefits and support of Basic fraud protection, but with regular anti-fraud rule set reviews and full fraud indemnity against fraudulent chargeback liability while funds are held in escrow.

  • All Plus features

  • Tailored rules specific to your business

  • Chargeback liability coverage

Powerful features

  • privacy
    Common, tailored, and robust rule sets to keep fraudsters at bay
  • badge
    Compliance and identity validation on your behalf
  • safe
    Don’t lose another dollar with zero fraud related chargeback liability
  • a-star
    Expert and experienced fraud team working on your behalf
  • hybrid car
    Easily bolts onto your existing Zai solution
  • s-check
    Industry leading false positive statistics

Protect your business from fraudsters

Learn how Zai's platform can support your value proposition, and provide a competitive edge in your market. Get in touch today.

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