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Secure onboarding

While funds are held in escrow, use Zai's credit card fraud and chargeback protection to shield your business from fraudsters before they harm your bottom line.

Let Zai's advanced technology and expert team take on the operational headaches and expenses for you.

Secure Onboarding

Zai helps your sellers and sub-merchants collect payment

Seamless customer experience

Sign up sub-merchants using a graduated identification process based on transactional thresholds, and ensure your customers never provide more data than they need to.

Seamless customer experience

Optimised for conversions

Rather than simply rejecting your sub-merchants due to data irregularities, Zai aims to convert as many as possible.

Unlike typical payment providers, should a merchant be flagged, Zai will manage exceptions with the goal to convert and only reject them if absolutely necessary.

How it works


Your platform creates a merchant


Your platform creates a bank account


Your platform sets payout account

Zai conducts
KYC process


Zai approves merchant


Merchant receives payment

Powerful features

  • windows code
    Sign up merchants completely through API
  • file download
    Data collection based on transaction thresholds
  • badge
    Checks completed prior to, or at the time of, a user's first transaction
  • search
    Manual reviews to optimise conversions
  • design
    White labelled so you own the customer relationship

Onboard yoursub-merchants securely

Learn how Zai's platform can support your value proposition, and provide a competitive edge in your market. Get in touch today.

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