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Product Update

Q2 (Apr-Jun) 2021 Release Overview & Highlights

The following page outlines key milestones we’ve achieved in Q2 2021, features released, improvements we’re working on and the changes coming soon that may impact you.

The second quarter of 2021 has been a huge one for us, not not only from product improvements and solving cool problems, but also in terms of Assembly’s journey to date.

Earlier this year we announced a merger with cross-border payments company CurrencyFair, which will accelerate our journey and provide us with new allies and friends to help build great products and services for our customers. It’s exciting times for us, and it’s only just getting started.

Below, you’ll find details on all of the changes we’ve made in Q2 which will benefit or impact you.

Virtual Accounts

First up, we have just launched our Virtual Accounts product which allows you to provide your customers with a BSB and unique account number to make payments to. This helps speed up payment collection times compared to slower payment methods like BPay and has been built for the future with each account number being registered on the NPP for real time payment settlement (WHOOSH!), but is backwards compatible for slower banks still relying on old-school direct entry payment rails.

Now, you can automatically match, reconcile and track incoming payments. Rejections and invalid IDs are returned instantly, meaning a higher success rate with fewer rejections. You have visibility of all payments on your platform, so you can easily track where your money has come from - no manual reconciliation needed.

For more information on how our Virtual Accounts product works visit our guides or our API reference.

New Webhooks API

As we look to the future of our product and plan for the next big things, we have to replace some of the legacy implementations of our API framework with newer, friendlier and more handsome models than we have had in the past. Webhooks, or Callbacks in the old lingo, is one such model that we are moving away from.

We won’t be making any changes to our Callbacks service, but we are encouraging all of our customers to move across to our Webhooks service. Some of the benefits of our new service versus the old one includes:

  • Retries - If an object’s status changes on our side and we don’t get a response from you, we will retry that webhook following a schedule we have built.
  • Search - We’ve enhanced the Webhooks model to allow you to have greater search capability when you’re trying to hunt something down.

Our current Callbacks API methods will continue to work until we identify a sunset date, but the new Webhooks API has some great new features in it and will continue to be improved so we recommend moving across when convenient.

Sunsetting PromisePay.js

A big change coming soon is the sunsetting of our legacy card library, PromisePay.js with newer and better models for handling card data like our Hosted Form, Hosted Fields and updated Assembly.js card data library.

The integration method you use for accepting card data may impact your own PCI compliance obligations, so we have put together a guide on PCI compliance to help you work out which option is best. Generally, the Hosted Fields solution is likely the preferred option as it allows the greatest flexibility around look-and-feel, with the lowest PCI requirements. If you need help deciding which is best, let us know and we can discuss it with you. 

We are targeting a sunset date of November 30th 2021 and will reach out as needed to make the necessary changes.

Smaller Improvements and Changes


We launched a new dashboard in Q4 2020 and are continuing our work on improving and extending the capability of our new shiny dashboard while we work towards sunsetting the old one.

We’re completing the analysis and design on the below items of work so devs can hit the ground running in the second half of this year, these items include:

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Refund Action
  • Enhanced Filtering
  • Data Exports

Payment processing batch times

We’ve added two more batch exchange times, so our customers will receive funds sooner and direct debits will be more frequent. This frequency brings us up to speed with our customers’ expectations.

Payments made between 2pm-5pm will be sent at 6pm and payments made between 5pm-7pm will be sent at 8pm. The times are now:

  • 8:30am Melbourne/Sydney Australia
  • 2:30pm Melbourne/Sydney Australia
  • NEW: 5pm Melbourne/Sydney Australia
  • NEW: 7pm Melbourne/Sydney Australia

Sunsetting Legacy SDKs

As our existing non-YAML based SDKs are outdated these will be marked as deprecated within GitHub and will no longer be updated. If you’re currently using one of these SDKs then you can continue to do so. However, we strongly advise that you move to the new, YAML based SDKs so that we can better support you and continue to offer the latest features and functionality for your businesses payments needs.

Our YAML based SDK supports more languages and has the latest API features mapped out which in turn makes embedding these into your business much easier.

Token-based authentication

We’ve introduced a new authentication framework using OAuth2 client credential flow. During the first half of this year, we’ve worked with our customers to move them across from using the existing basic authentication framework, thereby providing additional security levels. Once customers are using OAuth2, they’ll unlock access to new features in our platform including Virtual Accounts and the new Webhooks API.

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