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Say hello to Zai

Born from the April 2021 merger of Assembly Payments and CurrencyFair, Zai is boldly transforming the future of financial services and powering our customers by making innovative financial services accessible to all.

Read The Story of Zai to find out more about our history.

Simplify complex payment workflows with Zai

Payment automation that gives you time back

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API Automation

Power up your payments with comprehensive APIs that help you create sophisticated payment flows and gain operational efficiencies. 

Payments technology that operates below the surface powering your workflows with one API that integrates various payment methods and helps reconcile pay ins and payouts.

Ease up the strain on resources, reduce complexity and master agility.

API code to add a bank account to make a payment todots

Payments for Digital Platforms

Help your customers pay and get paid, using Zai's compliant and market leading capability, purpose-built with the needs of multi-party digital platforms in mind.

Create and automate any payment flow imaginable, gain agility and save time so you can look after your business.

Happy tradesperson using HiPages to receive digital payments from home owners

Solutions for digital platforms and enterprises that want to master agility and operate efficiently

Pay ins and Payouts

Send and receive funds quickly and easily by simplifying payment complexity.

APIs automate your pay ins and payouts so customers get paid on time, while friction-free back office processes reduce overheads, errors and inefficiencies.

Design and build fast, flexible pay in and payout flows to help your customers transact.

Customer using his phone to accept pay in and make payouts via a remitter

Digital wallets

Build a loyalty program, create your own virtual credit card, or retain customers within your ecosystem for longer.

With Zai's white labelled digital wallet capability, the ways you can innovate, and the experiences you can create, are endless.

Digital Walletsbank-dots

Invoice payments

Using Zai, help your customers get paid simply and quickly, improving their cash flow.

Embed payments anywhere within your payment flow including invoicing to provide multiple payment methods and help your merchants collect payment.

Invoice Paymentsdots

Our Company

Zai partners with Standard Chartered Bank, a leading international bank that serves customers in almost 150 markets worldwide.  

Customer success is at the core of what we do and we combine our completely API driven solution with Standard Chartered’s financial services experience and expertise to deliver a superior payments experience to you and your customers, so that you can grow your business. 

Standard Chartered and Assembly Payments partners together to form a joint venture

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Power your payment workflows

Find out how Zai's completely API driven solution can reduce the burden on your business and help you gain agility.

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