Assembly (now Zai) brings new in-store solution to market

Aug 23 2020
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We have some huge news!

Assembly (now Zai) launched four years ago with a vision to offer omni payment solutions to disruptive companies, specifically for online marketplaces and platforms.

It’s been a crazy ride as we’ve signed up some of Australia’s biggest and some of the world’s fastest growing marketplaces, while building a team to more than 120 people across Melbourne and Sydney.

But offering a genuinely next-generation payment solution for marketplace and platforms was only ever the beginning. While we continue to partner with more and larger marketplaces and platforms, today we get to announce something special.

We’re thrilled to be able announce ‘Assembly In-store’ launching today with our first major banking customer, Westpac.

Our vision to be the payment platform for disruptors extends beyond powering the new companies that are disruptive by default. We’re also about enabling businesses and financial institutions to disrupt themselves, so everyone can benefit from the huge changes working through financial technology.

Assembly will be powering the POS integrated transactions processed through Westpac’s EFTPOS terminals, powering millions of transactions a day and processing over $120 billion yearly. This is just the first stage of the partnership, which will continue to develop over the next 18-24 months.

We’ve already partnered with over 45 POS Providers before launch!

Westpac was an obvious choice when looking at a financial institute to partner with. They’re one of the world’s top ten banks, are headquartered in Australia as well as being longtime supporters and investors in Assembly.

We’ve been fielding a lot of interests from banks since we won the Swift challenge in late 2017, through which we had the opportunity to work with 30 banks to explore new products and services for the network’s 1,100 financial institutions, across more than 150 countries.

We will be focused on learning as much as we can from Westpac about our banking offering for the next six months, while continuing to grow our marketplace and platform business also. But we are looking forward to bringing more banks into the Assembly family soon.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for Assembly and we’re continuing to rapidly grow! We are always looking for talented people to join our team, have a look at our careers page for openings.

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