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Our Commitment to businesses  —

Resolving payment complexities

We manage your payments for you, so you can focus on running your business.
Our APIs simplify complex payment flows, helping your business operate more effectively by saving you time and money. We give you a stable, scalable platform so you can handle large transactions reliably as your business grows all while maintaining maximum compliance.

Our customers

Our story

Zai was born from the April 2021 merger of Assembly Payments and CurrencyFair. We are boldly transforming the future of financial services and powering our customers by making innovative financial services accessible to all. 

Assembly Payments, founded in 2013, has been one of the fastest growing fintechs in Australia, with a presence in Singapore, India, Philippines and the US. Specialising in building automated payment workflows, with APIs, to reduce the complexity of running both traditional and digital-native businesses. 

CurrencyFair, founded in 2010 and with offices in Ireland, UK, Hong-Kong, Singapore & Australia, is a global cross-border payments fintech that serves individuals and businesses with international payments and currency exchange through its proprietary global platform. 

The Zai brand focuses on mid-market and enterprise-level business customers in the world of integrated financial services, including payments, FX, fraud management, reconciliation and more. While the CurrencyFair brand continues as the home for consumers and small businesses who want faster, cheaper foreign exchange. 

Zai has over 170 employees, growing to 450 by 2025 as we expand our presence across APAC, Europe, the Middle-East, and the US. 

To learn more about the story of Zai, visit our blog.



CurrencyFair is born


CurrencyFair wins Best of Show at Finovate Asia


Assembly Payments is founded (as PromisePay).


PromisePay expands into Singapore and the Philippines while, in Ireland, CurrencyFair has grown to 47 employees and completed over €1 billion in transactions.


PromisePay sets up entities in South Africa and New Zealand, raising AU$10 million for the further growth.


PromisePay becomes Assembly Payments. Paul Byrne becomes CEO at CurrencyFair.


CurrencyFair becomes profitable and announces expansion into Asia buying out Hong Kong firm, Convoy Payments. In Australia, Assembly, becomes the first non-bank firm to launch real-time payments.


SC Ventures invests in Assembly Payments.


In April, CurrencyFair and Assembly Payments announces a merger, rebranding to Zai in November of the same year.

It’s our primary goal to help businesses thrive


Melbourne, Australia

17/31 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

St Louis, United States

555 Washington Avenue, Suite 310
St. Louis MO 63101-1249
United States

Manila, Philippines

Level 7, Hanston Square Building
17 San Miguel Avenue
Barangay San Antonio, Pasig City, 1605
Metro Manila

Singapore - HQ

38 Beach Road
South Beach Tower
Singapore 189767

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