BPAY offers a secure payment solution for your customers who want to make payments to your business or from your platform.

Efficient and secure

An enhanced BPAY Solution

Accept BPAY Payin for customers who want to pay through their online banking portal - BPAY payments can be made with more than 150 financial institutions and dedicated biller codes make it easy to identify customer payments.

Confirm customer payments sooner with API driven BPAY that provides up to 3 payment notifications per day. Early notifications add certainty that the payment has been made and is on its way.

With BPAY payout, provide customers the convenience to make bill payments directly from your app or website to 45,000 to 60,000 billers.
Faster experience

Speedier payment confirmations with
BPAY Payin

Create an optimised payments experience for your business and your customers. With up to three payment confirmations per day letting you know when payment is on its way.

  • Receive up to three payment confirmations per day.
  • Reduce your payment waiting time by up to 22 hours.
  • Rely on bank grade security and processing volumes.
  • Speed up notifications to customers of arrival of funds.
  • Pre-fund a float and make linked payouts immediately.
  • Automate customer communications using API callbacks.
Enhanced product proposition

Improved on-platform customer experience with BPAY Payout

Connect customers to more services by helping them pay for related services offered by your brand and other businesses. From council and utility rates to any other bill payment imaginable, expand your offering within your current ecosystem.

  • Offer customers an easy way to pay other BPAY billers directly from your app.
  • Increase successful transactions with automated verification management which reduces exceptions and makes reconciliation easier.
  • Simple and easy for customers to use with just a BPAY Biller Code and Customer Reference Number.
  • Bring value to customers and partners and benefit from an additional revenue stream.

Increase user engagement with BPAY Payout.

Optimise overheads

Cash collection and reconciliation made easy

Spend less time preparing, chasing, and reconciling payments using Zai's API and callback technology. Use auto matched payments, immediate notifications, and unique reference ID's to improve your cashflow and optimise your overheads.

  • Improve cashflow by clearing funds the next business day.
  • Automate collections using API trigger points.
  • Eliminate chargeback risk with a smart alternative to credit cards.
  • Auto match and reconcile payments using reference ID's per user for BPAY Payin and BPAY Payout.
  • Keep customers up to date automatically using API callbacks.
  • Monitor every transaction using Zai's dashboard portal.
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Trusted convenience

An established payment method

Make it safe and easy for your customers to make payments with Zai's BPAY solution, one of the most widely used and trusted bill payment methods by customers. Accept BPAY payments and enable them so they can be securely made from your platform with BPAY Payout.

  • Complement existing payment methods without replacing them.
  • Offer customers a safe way to pay using internet banking with more than 150 financial institutions.
  • Provide customers with a trusted method to pay bills from within your app or website to more than 45,000 businesses.
  • Easy name recognition through dedicated, branded biller codes.
  • Increase your payment limits from savings accounts and credit cards to $100,000.

Why should I set up BPAY for my business?

BPAY is known and loved by Australians of all ages and is the most popular method of paying household bills in Australia, so your paying customers will be familiar with it and comfortable using it, with minimal need for explanation and support. The control a customer gets from being able to check their balance and push the payment when they are ready can give them a lot more confidence in the payment process.


Additionally, Zai automatically matches inbound payment with the associated request for payment resulting in minimal exceptions. This improves reconciliation and reduces delays and associated costs.


Funds also clear with no risk of chargebacks as the vast majority of BPAY payments are funded via everyday savings and transaction accounts, not credit cards. Due to the reduced risks associated with BPAY payments they have lower fees making BPAY ideal for billers who are expecting higher value payments from customers.


Frequently asked questions

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What is BPAY?

BPAY is a fast, safe and easy method of payment commonly used to pay bills or any other payments and can be made with more than 150 financial institutions across Australia. BPAY enables bill payers to transfer funds electronically from their account to the billers as long as the recipient is a BPAY registered institution.

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How Does BPAY Work?

With BPAY your business can accept payments using BPAY Payins. You can also use BPAY Payout to facilitate payments to suppliers and partners connected to your platform. Unique, branded Biller Codes make it easy to recognise payment sources.

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What are some common use cases for BPAY Payout?

Some common use cases for BPAY Payout include PropertyTech platforms, where landlords on the platform use BPAY Payout to pay the water utility company for a property’s water bill.‍ Businesses using SaaS accounting software can make bill payments to other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for goods or services provided.

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What is BPAY Payin?

BPAY PayIns offers your customers an easy and safe way to make payments directly from their bank account to your business. All they need is the branded biller code and a Customer Reference Number (CRN) which identifies the payer and their payment, both provided to you by Zai.‍All you need to do is to add these to your communications with customers. Zai sends 3 daily notifications to update you when a payment is on its way.

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What is BPAY Payout?

By enabling BPAY Payouts on your platform, your end-users can make a bill payment directly from within your platform to their intended biller. The transaction is completed entirely on your platform. This vastly improves the customer experience, since end-users are not redirected to their Bank’s website to make the bill payments.

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How do I set up BPAY for my customers?

When you integrate with Zai's BPAY, automation will do the work for you. We issue you with a unique Biller Code, (e.g Your Business Name) and Assembly’s API generates a Customer Reference Number (CRN) which is used by the customer when paying their bill.

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How long will I have to wait for a BPAY payment to process?

BPAY payments are only processed on banking business days with a cutoff time of 5pm to 6pm on weekdays. If the payment is made before cutoff time, billers receive their funds on the next banking business day. Zai sends 3 notifications per day notifying you when a payment is on it’s way. While this may suit some business models, more immediate payment methods are available to enhance customer experience such as real time payments. Credit cards are another alternative form of payment to BPAY.

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Is BPAY Secure?

BPAY is one of the most widely used bill payment services in Australia. It is an easy, fast and safe way for users to pay their bills by transferring funds electronically from their bank accounts to billers such as the city council, local utility service providers and businesses that accept BPAY as a form of payment.BPAY payments have a range of characteristics that mean they are lower in risk than credit card payments and direct debit payments.

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Can BPAY be automated?

Yes. Zai automates BPAY by integrating it within your payment workflows so it operates with your other business processes in exactly the way you need it to. Zai can also automate collection, auto-reconciliation and fund receipt notifications that let you know when your payment is on its way.

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How soon will I be notified of a BPAY payment being made?

Zai speeds up BPAY notifications so that the recipient is notified when funds are on their way. With 3 notifications per day, you can identify that a payment has been made within 2 hours of it being paid.

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Does BPAY work on weekends and public holidays?

No. Payments made with BPAY are only transferred during business hours. For a faster payment method that is available every day, weekends and public holidays see Zai's Real Time Payments solution.

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Why should I choose Zai for BPAY?

Zai provides a complete solution enabling you and your customers to receive and make payments to multiple parties using BPAY directly from your app or digital platform. Using Zai's single integration you can also gain access to 3+ other payment methods to provide customers with payment optionality. Zai's APIs can be modelled to suit your business’ unique payment workflow and guided integrations and support ensures a truly bespoke solution and payment tracking notifications available exclusively - with Zai notifying you when a BPAY payment is on it’s way.

Enhance your BPAY payments

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