Collect card payments

Accept and collect debit and credit card payments online safely and securely.

Secure payment processing

Collect payments safely and securely from day one

Our payment collection platform comes with PCI DSS compliance measures out of the box. Once integrated, you can rest assured that the online payments you collect are safe, secure, and compliant.

  • Tokenisation keeps payment details securely stored.
  • PCI DSS compliant (PCI SAQ-A compliance level).
  • Futureproof your organisation from new regulations.
Reduce the PCI compliance burden

Hosted forms and fields

Choose from our hosted form or field options to accept online card payments, and we'll handle PCI compliance. Our hosted form consists of a pre-built iframe that's integrated into your existing web pages. For greater customisation, our hosted fields solution enables your business to create a unique payment UI directly in your existing website design.

  • Accept cardholder payment data without handling sensitive information
  • Reduce the impact of PCI compliance and PCI assessment overheads
  • Get support for Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards

Powerful payment processing & flexible pricing

Accept payments online seamlessly and securely with flexible pricing models built for your business. 

Improve your bottom line

Grow revenue and reduce costs

Collect online payments securely, reliably, and at scale, using one of the most widely accepted forms of payment. We remove the complexity of processing debit and credit card payments and offer a faster time-to-market payment option.

  • Built-in fraud to increase authorisation rates
  • Faster checkout experience for repeat customers and recurring transactions
  • Reduce risk of chargeback and minimise associated costs

Power your payment workflows

Find out how Zai's best-in-class, API driven solution can help your business accept online card payments.