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Direct Debit

Zai's direct debit payment solution enables you to automate payments on a recurring and subscription basis. Using our direct debit payments solutions, you can process payments easily and securely to reduce manual effort, errors, and processing costs.

Perfect for tech savvy businesses who need to debit their customers bank accounts at will or on a recurring schedule, Zai gives you the ability to completely automate your payments via API.

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Superior experience —

Make it easy for customers to pay through simple, secure direct debit payments

Make missed payments a thing of the past by debiting funds from customer bank accounts simply and securely. Use Zai to avoid constant authorisations, pull funds from any Australian bank, and clear payments in one to three days.

  • Collect payments from your customers with zero admin or effort

  • Clear accepted funds quickly within one to three days

  • Customise frequency per user including ad-hoc or recurring payments

  • Simplify recurring transactions by eliminating repeat authorisations

  • Access and pull funds from every bank in Australia

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Minimise overheads—

Reduce overheads, errors, and wasted time through API automation

Reduce manual effort and errors by automating your direct debits. Use Zai's APIs and callbacks to schedule ad-hoc or recurring payments, easily manage dishonours, and avoid wasting time on manual tasks.

  • Automate your entire payment flow and avoid manual uploads

  • Schedule, start, stop, retry or pause debits via APIs

  • Automate recurring payments

  • Avoid manual entry thanks to automated reconciliations

  • Minimise time consuming management of dishonours

  • Complement your existing payments workflow without replacing it

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Trust and safety—

Ensure customers transact securely through scalable, compliant systems

Offer secure payments with a compliant direct debit solution that grows with your business. Avoid asking customers for their banking logins, and encrypt bank account data to PCI DSS standards.

  • Debit en masse using uncapped volume or frequency limits

  • Don't risk breaking terms and conditions by asking customers for banking logins

  • Avoid screen scraping practices and protect your brand reputation

  • Rely on Zai's PCI DSS compliance, encryption and tokenisation

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Reduce costs—

Cut down payment processing costs through simple, flexible fee management

With a single flat fee, and the ability to pass on fees to your customers, you can minimise your spend and improve your bottom line.

  • One fee for successful and delinquent transactions

  • Reduce costs and make dishonour fees your customers responsibility

  • Choose to pass on some, or all, fees to your customers

  • Make the move from credit cards and boost your bottom line

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Frequently Asked Questions

A direct debit is an automatic request made to a bank account to take funds from that account and transfers it to another account. Direct debits make it easy for payments to be made on a recurring basis and being automated, they minimise overhead costs and administration fees.

Direct debit payments are pulled from a bank account, rather than being pushed like an EFT or BPay payment making it a great solution for collecting payments on an ongoing, regular basis. In the US a Direct Debit is referred to as an "ACH pull".

Direct debit is one of the safest and most convenient ways to collect payments from your customers with zero admin or effort. Avoid missed payments with direct debit as your customers will never forget to pay their bills. Direct debits are easy to reconcile and with Zai's flexible API you can customise payment  frequency per user to include ad-hoc or recurring payments.

Property Tech Platforms are a common use case for how a direct debit is used. In this case the funds are pulled from a tenant’s bank account on a monthly basis to pay for rent. Another example could be that of a debtor authorising a lending platform to automatically draw money from their account to pay their monthly repayments. In both cases the platform can only act upon a Direct Debit Authority being set up.

You will first need to choose a direct debit provider like Zai and then you need to set up a direct debit authority (DDA) which gives your direct debit provider permission to take funds from your user’s bank account. If a DDA is not created, you will be unable to take funds from their bank account.

The Direct Debit Authority is an authorisation from the end user to debit their Bank Account for a specific amount. Before processing a direct debit you need to ensure that you obtain authorisation from your users.

Zai's API endpoint makes collecting this authorisation easier as you can get this authority without the need for a paper form. All you need to do is to provide your user with a link from your platform to the Zai's direct debit agreement with a checkbox confirming they understand and accept the terms within.

Unlike real-time payments, Direct debit is not instant and will take between 1-3 business days to process.

Yes. You have full flexibility to use Zai's API’s and Direct Debit payment solution to automate payments on a recurring and subscription basis to suit your schedule. Using Zai's direct debit payments solutions, you can process payments easily and securely to reduce manual effort, errors, and processing costs.

Yes. Direct debits is a safe payment method that debits funds from your customers bank account securely. Zai's direct debit solution makes it easy to pull funds from any Australian bank, and clear payments within 1-3 business days.

Zai offers a scalable direct debit solution with a single integration into more than one payment method. Zai's direct debit solution enables you to also create a tailored payment description for additional clarity on your customer’s bank statements.

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