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It's here: A revolutionary new way to manage real-time payments

PayTo launch offer

For a limited time - businesses signed up to our PayTo solution will pay nothing for the first 12 months (T&Cs). For more details contact our Sales Team.

PayTo is a revolutionary new service allowing businesses to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts.  It ensures payments will be more efficient and less complicated for businesses and consumers and Zai will allow businesses to plug seamlessly into the PayTo service.

Read our article, Introducing PayTo - Australian payments made better to find out more.

Customer making a bill payment by BPAY
Efficient and secure

How PayTo benefits businesses

  • Real-time account validation

  • Real-time funds verification

  • Real-time notification of payment outcomes

  • API support for seamless processes

  • Easy reconciliation

  • Notifications

  • Centralised, accessible and secure storage of PayTo agreements

User looking at phone after receiving a notification after making a bill payment by BPAY
Flexible and convenient

How PayTo benefits consumers

  • Fast, secure payment options

  • Greater visibility and control over payments from bank accounts

  • Manage PayTo agreements through internet or mobile banking

  • Secure storage and visibility of all PayTo agreements

  • Porting mandates

  • Choice of either PayID or a BSB and account number for maximum flexibility

Customer using her mobile phone to make a bill payment by BPAY to utility companies

Top PayTo use cases

  • Here are some of the use cases for which PayTo would bring immediate benefit:

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    Companies that want faster payments and less market exposure

    Under the current system, a direct debit takes one to three days to clear. However, even a few hours of delays are massively consequential if, for example, you need to convert currency and send it onwards or fund your market account.

    For example, remittance companies that offer FX exchange often have to go out to the currency market and enter into short-term forward contracts. These hedges are meant to cover market exposure between when the payer’s debited funds hit your market account and when you can execute the conversion.

    With PayTo, the funds can enter your market account and immediately go out for exchange at (close to) the market rate. PayTo vastly shortens the entire remittance process, reducing market exposure and, more crucially, getting the funds to the people who need them.

    Trading, investing and banking apps and other financial services companies are in a similar situation. For users on these platforms, their objective is to trade when they see an opportunity. As stocks and cryptocurrencies trade almost around the clock, being able to fund your account and execute your strategy immediately is a huge benefit of PayTo.

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    Companies that are trying to reduce their reliance on costly credit cards

    Payment cards are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, users love them because they’re convenient and have some layer of security. On the other hand, businesses have to pay a hefty premium to accept them.

    Direct debits in their current form offer an alternative cheaper solution, but they take up to three days to settle and aren’t convenient for the customer.

    PayTo brings together the benefits of both the credit card and direct debit, but offer instant settlement and are a lot cheaper than credit cards. With our current PayTo offer at Zai, you won’t have to pay any fees for 12 months* (except PayTo change management fees).

    It’s also worth noting that PayTo’s centralised mandate depository also improves UX by making it easier for payers to validate a new payment with PayID. This convenient method reduces a lot of the friction associated with the older direct debit system, making the PayTo experience closer to that of a credit card for the end user.

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    Other use cases

    There are many more specific use cases for PayTo, for example:

    • Property technology (proptech) companies that want to collect payments in a faster, more reliable way.
    • Streamline payments for payroll and accounts payable.

Power your PayTo workflows

Find out how Zai's best-in-class, API driven solution can help your business access the PayTo service.

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