The new way to manage real-time payments

PayTo payments provide more efficiency and less complexity for businesses and consumers alike. As a business, PayTo enables you to initiate pre-authorised real-time payments from your customers’ bank accounts. Looking to revolutionise your payments? Plug seamlessly into the PayTo service with Zai.

Greater efficiency and security for businesses

Enable instant account-to-account payments

No more wondering if payments will clear with PayTo. Enjoy real-time visibility with PayTo’s built-in fund verification and account number validation.

  • See customer funds debit, settle, and clear instantly

  • Reduce your risk of fraud with real-time account validation

  • Stay up to date with 24/7 real-time payment notifications

  • Save time with data-rich transactions for effortless reconciliation

  • Save money with a cost-effective alternative to credit and debit cards

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Better flexibility and convenience for your customers

Get on-the-go payment agreements for customers

PayTo takes the hassle and guesswork out of mandated payment agreements for you and your customers. Clients have better management with PayTo’s payment system. They can:

  • Enjoy a smoother payment experience

  • Rely on a fast, secure payment method

  • Get greater visibility and control directly through their bank accounts

  • Manage PayTo agreements through their internet banking or mobile banking apps

  • Use PayID to set up PayTo payments for easier life admin


Interested to know more about PayTo from the NPP? Read our article, Introducing PayTo - Australian payments made better

PayTo use cases

The New Payments Platform Australia designed PayTo to offer a wide range of use cases across industries accepting digital payments. Use it for accounts payable and receivable, recurring e-invoices, QR-code payments, online marketplace purchases or one-off e-commerce sales. Here’s how you can use PayTo:

One-off or recurring online payment arrangements

Get multiple ways of paying and customisation with PayTo. Choose ad-hoc, recurring or one-off payment agreements by controlling the authorisation timeframes used. Base personalised authorisation timeframes on minutes, hours or days so you can tailor the timeframe to suit your billing model.

PayTo also empowers your customers to manage purchases the way they want. The agreement duration (for recurring payments only) and the payment initiation date are always in their hands. Customers now have greater visibility and control than with cards or direct debits.


A faster alternative to direct debits

A direct debit payment takes one to three business days to settle, delaying reconciliation and the release of customer goods or services. PayTo provides instant settlement.  

When you implement PayTo with Zai, you can prepare PayTo workflows the way you want. Match PayTo payment flows to your business model for better cash flow management. Integrate them with your ERP and accounting software for easier financial admin.


A more cost-effective choice than credit cards

The convenience of cards has made them your customers’ payment of choice. But you pay a price to accept them. Give customers the same speed and convenience they get with cards with PayTo. You get instant settlement and reduced costs. 

Offer customers greater simplicity and security of PayTo when they can use your PayID. Using an easy-to-remember PayID for a PayTo payment enables customers to quickly verify your account and trust in a more secure transaction.


Power your PayTo payment flows with Zai

Discover how Zai's API-powered payment solution can help your business access PayTo and deliver the ultimate payment experience to you and your customers.