Integration options

Our flexible hosted and API integration options make it easy to create optimised payment workflows. All supported by our expert team.

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Manage the entire transaction lifecycle

API integration

Customise and manage the entire transaction lifecycle from payment to settlement. Our API integration gives you unrivalled flexibility, to create the best payment workflows for your business needs.

  • Customise payment workflows, reporting, and notifications.
  • Automate your payment ecosystem.
  • Embed payments into CRM, invoicing, and other business platforms.

Receive expert support when you need it


With Zai, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who takes the time to really understand your requirements. Whether you prefer a hands-off approach or regular support, our qualified team of in-house developers are on-hand to solve your payment challenges.

Reduce the PCI compliance burden

Hosted forms and fields

Choose from our hosted form or field options to accept card payments, and we'll handle PCI compliance. Our hosted form consists of a pre-built iframe that's integrated into your existing web pages. For greater customisation, our hosted fields solution enables your business to create a unique payment UI directly in your existing website design.

  • Accept cardholder payment data without handling sensitive information. 
  • Reduce the impact of PCI compliance and PCI assessment overheads.
  • Get support for Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards.


Build workflows for your specific business needs

We’ll support your business each step of the way. Talk to us today to learn more about our hosted and API integration options.