Payment data and reporting

Feed payment data directly into enterprise reporting software for complete visibility and control.

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Get proactive with payment data

Use our API or dedicated dashboard to pull payment data and power reporting. Seamlessly integrated, we offer complete visibility of online payments and keep tech stacks streamlined.


View customised, real-time data with filters and search functions.

Cloud-based reporting

Secure and scalable reporting tools for any industry.

Virtual accounts

Dedicated accounts and unique customer IDs allow for advanced segregation and reporting.

Payment reporting

Directly integrated data

We understand the need for solutions that fit directly into your tech infrastructure. That’s why our API-powered platform can be integrated into your tech stack, pulling data into your reporting tools.

  • Streamline transaction reporting
  • Integrate with your business intelligence tools for analysis & insight
  • Access real-time data from all transactions

Virtual accounts

Manage reconciliation with ease

Virtual accounts let you automatically match, reconcile, and track incoming payments. This gives enterprises real-time data on every payment method.

  • Improve success rates, reduce rejected payments
  • Easily track the origin of funds
  • Automate receipt allocation to individual accounts

Cloud-based dashboard

Flexible features for any business

Our cloud-based Dashboard lets you access your payment data in one place.

  • Search and filter payment data, lists, and histories
  • Initiate refunds from within the Dashboard
  • Control permissions and reduce the risk of unauthorised access
  • Multi-factor authentication for added security

The insights you need to succeed

Data fuels growth. Let Zai put the power of payment data into your hands with our online payment platform. We integrate seamlessly with your business to help you scale to success.