Payment workflows

Customise any payment workflow imaginable with our simple, modular, API architecture.

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More flexibility, less complexity

One platform, unlimited payments

Build and manage your payment flows easily with our payment platform. With a modular design and expansive library of pre-built API features, you can create any possible payment workflow, even multi-party payments.

  • Customise APIs for every payment scenario.
  • A cloud-based solution for seamless integration.
  • Choose your own features to simplify management.

Synergy through compatibility

Workflows that integrate with your technology

Control and reconcile multiple payment methods. Pull payment data into your current tech stack to consolidate reporting and streamline your processes.

  • Easily reconcile collected and sent payments.
  • Retain full control of your workflow, fee structure, and payout schedule.
  • Send and receive push notifications.

Secure and scalable

The platform that powers growth

Our API-driven payment collection platform scales with your ambition. Working with you, our payment experts help build the flows you need today and in the future.

  • Customise workflows for new markets and payment scenarios.
  • Integration support from online payment experts.
  • Regional bank accounts to help you stay local when you go global.


Complex businesses need sophisticated payment flows

Tackle your biggest payment challenges with a single solution. Manage how money is paid in and moves to multiple parties. Schedule payments, track activity, and build your ideal customer experience with Zai.