Crypto exchange platforms

  • Improved end-user experiences
  • Real-time payment methods
  • Scalable and secure payment processes
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Discover real-time payments for crypto

Instant payments, embedded in your platform, give your customers a better experience. Zai streamlines the payments process so that your end-users get the speed they deserve.

  • Real-time collection and disbursement options
  • Unique account numbers for each customer, to better track, manage, and reconcile payments
  • One ecosystem to manage all payment types

Deliver superior on-ramp and off-ramp to your customers

The technology you need to help customers capitalise on every crypto opportunity. Zai enables faster trading by keeping your customers topped up with fiat currencies with powerful payment processing, and settlement, all with zero wait times. 


Get fiat currencies in and out of your platform with ease. The only payment API you need to manage it all.

Handle limitless transactions

Zai facilitates a variety of payment methods, at scale. With no transaction flow too large or complex.

Automate reconciliation

Track, match, and reconcile incoming payments automatically.

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Case study
Accelerating trading times for crypto exchange

“Our client acquisition turnaround is now twice as fast. Customer’s trading appetite has increased now that they’re able to move their money faster, we have therefore seen revenue increase. Zai's team are always on hand to provide support. As a technology business they share our same passion for product development and customer experiences which makes for effective communication and collaboration.”

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Confidence for crypto platforms

Keep your platform safe from bad actors. Zai includes fraud prevention, authorisation capabilities, and regulatory compliance as standard

  • User verification
  • Transaction screening
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Anti-money laundering checks 

Boost your crypto platform 

Provide a fast, secure payments process. Learn more about Zai’s automated and scalable