Use cases

Payment solutions for platforms and marketplaces

Make payments faster, more accurate, and easier to reconcile.
  • Design customised payment flows
  • Automate reconciliation with real-time payments
  • Manage multi-party payment flows

The payment platform that powers marketplaces

Platforms and marketplaces need to collect, split, schedule, and disburse payments to multiple parties all over the globe. Our API-powered platform makes managing your workflows simple. We help optimise and automate payments into, between, and out of your platform accounts.

Build multi-party payment flows
Apply credits, fees, commission and more
Accept multiple payment types within a single platform
Send real-time payments on demand or via schedules
Automatically track and reconcile payments
Manage complex payment workflows

Innovative payment solutions to suit your business needs

Our API-powered platform supports complex payment workflows for platforms and marketplaces across a range of industries. Zai makes complex payment workflows, simple for you and your customers.

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On-demand pay in 60 seconds

Discover how we help Beforepay's customers transfer their paycheck to their bank account and access their pay in 60 seconds. This is essential for when people encounter unforeseen expenses such as home repairs and other bill payments.

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Grow globally with Zai

Our technology is designed for seamless integration. When a new user joins your ecosystem, built-in ID processes let them sign up easily without compromising on security.

Fast onboarding

Once integrated, your platform can deliver a seamless end user experience without risking security.

Real-time payments

Improve the payment experience for your customers with automated reconciliation and processing.

Accept multiple payment methods

Whether its account-to-account payments, or through major cards, it’s all possible with Zai.


Be the platform that people trust

Our platform provides built-in security and compliance controls that protect payments no matter how complex the workflows become.

Payment fraud protection

We help you protect your platform and users from online payment fraud.

User verification

Streamline your approach to authentication with the latest features.

Transaction monitoring

See every payment workflow and get instant anomaly alerts.

Dispute investigation

Before issuing a chargeback, authenticity is confirmed.

Power up your payment function

Our API-powered solution gives platforms and marketplaces one tool to manage multi-party payments. There’s no need to manually set up, track, and reconcile transactions – Zai takes care of it. So you can focus on growing your business.

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