Earned wage access

Powerful payment solutions for agile, emergent, earned wage access platforms.

Build reliable wage payment workflows

Zai’s powerful APIs can handle each step of earned wage access processing. This includes checking liquidity and verifying beneficiary details, integrating KYC, and reconciling payments. The result? Faster, more reliable on-demand pay. And if you want to elevate your offering using more complex payment workflows, you can rely on Zai to deliver.

“Although complex to implement, this core value could differentiate us, giving us a unique selling point and a competitive advantage. After looking around the industry, we felt that Zai had the most mature and reliable real-time payments platform in the market.”

Dean Guo Mao, Co-Founder & CTO Beforepay
Deliver service at scale

Enterprise-level transactions, startup-level scaling

Our robust micro-service architecture adapts to your needs, offering the processing power to handle large volumes of transactions. Track salary payments easily while automatically returning and reconciling unmatched payments – all with instant notifications.

Powerful payment processing

Wage access delivered quickly and reliably

Earned wage access solutions need complex payment workflows. But thanks to its powerful API-powered payment platform and automation features, Zai has you covered. Custom-build fast, flexible, and frictionless payment workflows and manage authentication, liquidity, and settlement in real-time.

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Case study
On-demand pay in 60 seconds

Discover how we help Beforepay's customers transfer their paycheck to their bank account and access their pay in 60 seconds. This is essential for when people encounter unforeseen expenses such as home repairs and other bill payments.

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Be the earned wage access solution that businesses trust

Zai’s platform provides built-in security and compliance controls that protect payments no matter how complex the workflows become.

Payment fraud protection

We help you protect your platform and users from online payment fraud.

User verification

Streamline your approach to authentication with the latest features.

Transaction monitoring

See every payment workflow and get instant anomaly alerts.

Dispute investigation

Before issuing a chargeback, authenticity is confirmed.

Power up your payment platform

Our API-powered solution is your agile, scalable tool for multi-party payment management. We take care of your online payments, so you can process earned wages, fast.