Fintech is a diverse landscape – from lending and equity crowd-funding to investment, accounting, and trading platforms. In this fast-paced and diverse world, getting to market first is essential. Zai delivers a payment experience to your customers on a platform that’s seamless, scalable, and adaptable.

  • Bespoke payment workflows
  • API-powered solutions
  • Built-in fraud prevention

The fintech that supports fintechs

Fintech disruptors are shaking things up. But driving innovation in financial services isn’t without its challenges. Whether it’s a technical challenge like linking legacy systems to new payment tech or finding a framework that’s scalable and secure, getting the right capabilities is key.

And that’s where we come in.

The platform for disruptors

Deliver better customer experiences

Disruptive fintechs thrive on enhancing the customer experience. The most successful challenger brands offer agile, omnichannel experiences on interfaces that people love to use.

We support your digital channels by allowing your customers to transact securely and effortlessly with a range of their preferred payment methods.

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The platform for visionaries

Technology that embraces ambition

We know that fintechs need to grow to be established. In many ways, our story is a story of scale – we’re living it, so we understand the need for scalable, flexible technology to achieve business goals.

Our API-powered platform is designed with scalability in mind. It's modular nature and complete customisation mean you can design payment flows that suit your needs.

The platform for innovators

Build it your way

Our developer-friendly APIs give your teams the tools to build on a stable, flexible platform. And because every fintech is different, we offer customised options so you can create optimised payment workflows that are unique.

Automation features make payment reconciliation faster and more accurate. 

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Putting the fun into fundraising

“Working with Zai has been a joy – they treat us as a partner rather than a client, backing us to succeed. We can’t wait to see what the future holds with Zai, and to use the technology and expertise around payments to build the best donor experience we possibly can.”

See how we helped

Scale from a secure platform

Our payment platform offers built-in security and compliance controls that protect your payment workflows no matter how complex they get.

Payment fraud protection

Protect your platform and users from online payment fraud.

User verification

Streamline your approach to authentication with the latest features.

Transaction monitoring

See every payment workflow and get instant anomaly alerts.

Dispute investigation

Before issuing a chargeback, we confirm its authenticity.

Power up your payment platform

Our API-powered solution is your agile, scalable tool for multi-party payment management. We take care of your online payment workflows so you can focus on disrupting the market.
Keep challenging the status quo with Zai.