• Create multi-payment workflows
  • Automatically reconcile payments
  • Improve end-user experience

Embrace innovation for proptech payment processes

Collect and manage multi-party payments. We bring the latest technology to proptech payment processes, so complex payments can be turned into powerful workflows.

  • Set up and automate payment workflows
  • Manage payments between multiple parties
  • Significantly reduce workflow admin
  • Enhance end-user experience with real-time collections and disbursements
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Connecting everyone in the property rental process

Managed wanted to implement end-to-end payment workflows for each recipient in the property rental process; property managers, landlords, tenants, and tradespeople. After implementing Zai, they processed over 190,000 transactions and experienced 16x growth in one year.

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Built with room to grow

Our platform has built-in capabilities to customise your payment workflows completely based on your needs. Whether it’s setting up geographic rules for your workflows or managing an ever-growing, stack of payment methods – Zai is ready to help you scale.

Multiple payment capabilities

Manage real-time payments, bank transfers, and card payments. Stay secure and compliant, no matter what payment types you offer.

Streamline workflows

Processing and security are all managed through our API. So, you’re compliant, without the manual admin.

Accept payments securely

Easily embed payment collection on your website, through secure hosted fields. Payments are fully PCI DSS compliant.

Simplicity for your end-users

Proptech is a complex world, so let Zai simplify the payment flows. Set up custom workflows, offer real-time payments, and automate payment reconciliation to save time for your operations teams and end-users.

Route & split payments

Whether it's collecting rent, disbursing proceeds or managing fee payouts; our customised workflows route and split payments with ease.

Easy reconciliation

Use our platform to track all payments. Automatically match, reconcile, and track payments while streamlining reporting.

Connect multiple parties

Reduce costs, time, and administration. Manage multiple parties and payments from a single platform.

Technology for your property tech payment processes

Get the latest proptech innovation for your payments. Get in touch to learn more about how Zai can help your business.