Remittance payments

  • Send payments at speed
  • Integrate multiple payment methods
  • Transact on secure & reliable payment rails

Make money move faster

When it comes to remittance payments, speed is key. Zai provides a fast money transfer service experience that streamlines cross-border payments.

Real-time payments

Send and receive funds in real-time.

Variety of payment types

Provide a selection of payment methods, including bank transfer, and real-time payment options.

Seamless API integration

Our APIs enable authentication, liquidity, and real-time settlement.

Avoid inaccuracies

Easy reconciliation

Automatically track and match incoming payments with unique customer account numbers. Return unmatched payments seamlessly. Do it all with instant notifications and automated reconciliation, which reduce errors.

Scale infinitely

Greater payment flexibility

Zai makes it easy to integrate payment methods and workflows that can scale quickly and efficiently. And with capabilities to manage large processing volumes, large transactions are handled with ease – so you can always keep growing.

Trusted and secure

Unrivalled security for remittance

  • Anti-money laundry checks
  • User verification
  • Transaction monitoring and screening

Let end-customers transfer money easily, with help from Zai

Create fast and efficient payment workflows that make remittance payments easy for your customers. Learn how we can help you.