Zai and TerraPay partner to accelerate cross-border payments globally

Zai Terrapay Global Partnership
Sep 8 2022
Global Fintech Company News

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Zai, the global financial technology company delivering embedded finance orchestration solutions, has announced a partnership with TerraPay, a leading global payments infrastructure company. This partnership enhances both companies’ ability to scale their offerings and deliver real-time, transparent cross-border payments globally.

Zai supports businesses across a wide range of industries internationally - from fintechs to property technology companies - in simplifying, streamlining, and scaling complex payment workflows. Its sister brand, CurrencyFair, is a cross-border currency exchange platform offering competitive rates, fast, reliable transfers, and excellent customer service.

This partnership bolsters both Zai and CurrencyFair’s product suite, with better coverage across the global payments ecosystem, as well as collections and payout capabilities across multiple channels in the markets they operate in. The partnership also improves TerraPay’s collection and payout offering in markets where Zai and CurrencyFair are leaders.

It is another significant milestone in Zai’s global expansion plans. Zai has close to 250 employees currently, with plans to grow to 450 by 2025, and is expanding its presence across APAC, UK, USA and the Middle-East in the coming year.

Sanjeev Kumar, chief product officer of Zai commented on the partnership: “It’s exciting to partner with a leading global payments company like TerraPay - and what makes this partnership so appealing is the improved product suite for both companies as Zai continues to scale globally.

“This partnership builds upon our already market-leading products, providing fast cross-border payments that are completely transparent, for our B2C, B2B and enterprise customers. Zai is launching in multiple markets over the coming year and expanding our global footprint, and we look forward to working with Terrapay and growing this partnership.”

Registered and regulated across 26 international markets, TerraPay is a leading global partner to banks, mobile wallets, money transfer operators, merchants, and financial institutions, creating a more expansive and inclusive international financial ecosystem.

Sheshagiri (Sukesh) Malliah, regional director - APAC, at TerraPay, said: “We are thrilled to onboard Zai as a global trusted partner, to improve both Zai and TerraPay’s offerings in key markets over the coming years. This partnership allows us to improve both Zai and its sister brand CurrencyFair’s cross-border offering with faster payments for both consumer and business customers.

This partnership will also strengthen our offering in the countries where Zai is the market leader, so we are delighted to grow with Zai over the coming years as it expands its presence globally - furthering our mission of creating cashless economies across the world.”

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