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Nov 3 2021
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Q: Why are you rebranding to Zai?

The merger of Assembly Payments and CurrencyFair brings together two award-winning financial services companies that have been highly successful globally. By merging and creating a new brand, Zai, we are leveraging a wealth of industry knowledge, talent and expertise to begin a new chapter. With the support of our partners and the endeavour of our people, the rebrand to Zai will position us for continued growth and innovation.

Q: When did the rebrand happen?

We announced our new brand Zai on Thursday 4 November 2021.

Q: Why did you choose this name?

We wanted a name that is unique and easy to remember. Our new brand, Zai, distinctively matches our vision of boldly transforming the future of financial services, and is both relevant today and future-proofed for tomorrow. We believe that making and receiving payments should be easy. Our new name reflects our commitment to simplifying complex payment workflows, making it easy for you to set-up and manage everything end-to-end, in real-time.

Q: Will this rebrand affect my day-to-day business transactions?

There will be no change whatsoever to our existing services. You can continue to receive and make payments as normal and all of the current functionality that you access will remain the same.

Q: What’s happened to the Assembly Payments brand?

We have unified our existing business divisions under one single identity: Zai. The Assembly Payments brand and CurrencyFair Enterprise brand are now replaced by Zai.

Q: Will your staff relocate?

We will be retaining offices and teams in existing locations and adding to them. Whether you live in Australia, Asia, the Americas or Europe, you will still be served by our offices in your region.

Q: Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

The merger and rebranding of Assembly Payments and CurrencyFair Enterprise to Zai will not affect your service. Zai will use the same technology to help businesses manage multiple payment workflows and move funds, enabling authentication, liquidity, payment and settlement with zero wait-times.

If you are a CurrencyFair customer the merger will have no impact on your account or any of the services you use. You will still be able to access fast, secure money transfers at up to eight times cheaper than the banks.

Q: What changes can customers expect to see?

It’s an exciting time for our business, and customers will gradually start to see enhancements being made in terms of our service, solutions and technology. With our transformative approach to financial services, we’re committed to working closely with our customers to provide them with solutions that meet their business needs now and in the future. Together with our customers, our people and our partners, we’re shaping the future of financial services.

Q: What if I’m a developer who uses your products?

The APIs you are currently using will continue to be supported and our product suite will evolve and grow. You may continue to see references to the Assembly Payments brand in the developer section of our website and in some technical documentation.

Q: Has my point of contact changed?

No. You will continue to be supported by the same contacts. If you are an existing customer you will notice that our employees will soon have new email addresses, and you can reflect this change in your records, but don’t worry if you send something to one of our old email addresses, we will still receive it.

Q: What about your website and social media?

The website you are familiar with has been rebranded to Zai and is now

You can visit us on LinkedIn here. If you already subscribe to us, you won't need to do anything. 

Q: How can I find out more about Zai?

You can read our press release or visit our website to explore The Story of Zai.

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