Zai partners with Worldpay from FIS to offer global cards acceptance

Jul 13 2022
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Zai and Worldpay have announced a partnership which will see Worldpay become Zai’s global acquiring partner. The partnership will allow Zai to accept cards globally as well as enable 3D Secure 2.0, real-time fraud detection, and digital wallets, Apple Pay® and Google Pay® to customers.

Sanjeev Kumar, chief product officer at Zai said: “Our partnership with such a well-respected and global payments processor as Worldpay demonstrates our ambition to scale beyond borders.

“This partnership provides Zai with a springboard to scale globally and a replicate solution in each of our markets as we grow. It also means our customers will avoid cross-border fees, reduce foreign exchange costs and boost approval rates resulting in an enhanced end-user experience.”

Liam Bath, Vice President Commercial ANZ, Worldpay from FIS, commented: “Australian businesses and consumers are early adopters of new payment technologies and continue to cement their preference for increasingly frictionless, digital payment methods. Zai is leading the way in making innovative financial services accessible to all. We look forward to partnering with Zai and helping its teams to enable seamless payments experiences and fuel smarter commerce for its customers.”

The new features include:

3D Secure 2.0:

  • Increased customer data captured for better risk assessments.

  • A shift in fraud-related chargebacks to card issuers.

  • A seamless and frictionless checkout experience leading to reduced cart abandonment rates.

Real-time fraud detection:

  • Increased revenues by driving higher approval rates and minimising false positives.

  • Reduced overall fraudulent chargeback volume and lower operational costs.

  • Businesses can stay in control by combining machine learning (ML) and customised rules.

  • Predicting customer outcomes including fraud with adaptive behavioural analytics through scalable ML.

  • Reduced need for manual checks.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Improved customer choice of payment method.

  • Enhanced security as it uses a card tokenisation system.

  • A streamlined customer checkout experience.

This global partnership will roll out in Australia initially, followed by Hong Kong, Europe and the UK.

For more information on Zai's services, contact the sales team here.


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