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Oct 27 2022
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Welcome to the third episode in our series of specially curated Innovation Show podcasts focusing on the most cutting edge thinking in financial services.

This episode features fintech voice and author of Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking - Paolo Sironi . The book offers an insightful examination of how platform theory, born outside of financial services, will make its way inside banking and financial markets to radically transform the way firms do business. 

A must-read for CEOs, business leaders, regulators, fintech entrepreneurs, wealth managers, behavioural finance researchers and professionals working at financial technology companies, this book offers a perspective on the rapidly evolving outcome economy and a view about the future of the industry.

In it, Paolo explores topics central to platform economies:

“Financial services are experiencing a near collapse of their traditional value chain, which is cornering the industry into unsustainable business models looking for hyper-scale. This often conflicts with the size of the jurisdictions in which they operate, the constraints imposed by regulations, and the low elasticity of demand in persistently low interest rate environments. Technology has been largely seen as an opportunity to march ahead of the progressive evaporation of revenues. Yet, is this sustainable?”

Compelling reading and just a taster of what this interview offers.

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