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Paolo Sironi author of Bank and Fintech on Platform Economies
Jan 3 2023
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Welcome to the fifth episode in our series of specially curated Innovation Show podcasts focusing on the most cutting edge thinking in financial services.

The final instalment of a 2-part, in-depth conversation between host Aidan McCullen and author of Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking - Paolo Sironi.

In this episode, Paolo discusses how business and technology leaders can navigate uncharted waters by following the compass of "higher business value" on the Banking Reinvention Quadrant (BRQ).

Evolving bank business models on outcome economies, and resolving the tension between information and communication, requires overcoming the fears of abandoning the shore of established operational models, and all the products and services rendered. In the dark of the new digital, financial and economic normal, only a crisp and clear vision can guide all stakeholders in the transformation effort.

What's needed is a business map, and a compass to guide the navigation. The map is the Banking Reinvention Quadrant (BRQ) and the compass pointing to the North Star of higher business value is the theory of Financial Market Transparency (FMT).

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Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking offers an accessible grasp of the rapidly evolving outcome economy and a view of the industry's future. A must-read for CEOs, business leaders, regulators, fintech entrepreneurs, wealth managers, behavioural finance researchers, and professionals working at financial technology companies.

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